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The Section of the COMPETITION is destined to the lovers of contemporary dance, who can participate with their own variations of the universal original creations.

Judging system:

- The jury is made of qualified people, with experience in the choreographic area.

- The jury will give marks from 1 to 10, according to the following criterion: technical qualities of the dancers (30%), choreographic composition and structure (40%), originality and stage image (20%), by default 10%. The final grade for every choreography will be the general average of the grades from each judge.


WBA World Dance Associaton 

Artistic Director : Stefano Sellati 

Assistent Artistic Director in Germany: Mariuca Marzà

0039 3478357258       Stefano Sellati

0049 152 21746447     Mariuca Marzà

0039 351 5274714

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  • To qualify and be invited to the competition, each applicant must complete the registration form on our website and make the payment of € 15.

  • Only after payment and online registration have been made, the participants will be examined by our Evaluation Team.

  • Participants deemed suitable will be invited to participate in the WDC International Dance Competition SEMI FINAL.

  • The semi final will be in Berlin (Germany) at the Dock11 studio.

2°  STEP

  • To qualify and be invited to the competition, each competitor must pay € 15.

  • Specify the name and surname of the dancer or dancers and / or name of the dance school

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3°  STEP

  • The dancers who pass the semi-final in Germany will have to download the registration form for the Final in Rome in Italy.

  • Send the PDF_WDC International Dance Competition form to the following contact email:

  • Specify the name and surname of the dancer and / or name of the dance school




Schäfergasse 20,         Frankfurt am Main



Mon - Fri :

09:00 - 22:00


Sat - Sun :

10:00 - 18:00 

0049 1743940222

0039 351 5274714


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