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Dance   can be defined   as   the   art   of   using   and   organizing   the movement   to   express,  communicate    and    invent.

Mariuca Marzà works as choreografer and coach in the  FILM production "Familie Doktor Kleist - Süsse Geheimniss" .


Mariuca Marzà is delighted to present her solo work with “Dance – Form’ 75th International Choreographer’s Showcase” as part of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe from 6 August through 10,2018.



Her dance achievements include dancing for the Summer Season 2011 with the Nashville Ballet in Tenesse, USA. She joined the Atlantic City Ballet in New Jersey in August 2010 for the 2010-11 Season. Before joining Atlantic City Ballet she danced with the Ajkun Ballet Theatre for their New York presentations. Mariuca awarded a scholarship for the “Summer intensive 2009” at the American Repertory Ballet’s princeton Ballet School in New Jersey.

In 2008, she participated in the seminar and performance of contemporary dance with Guillaume Siard of Ballet Preljocaj with whom she performed at the Theater Ruskaja in Accademia Nazionale di Danza in Rome,Italy.

Currently, Mariuca is dancing at the Landestheater Eisenach in Germany and Freelance choreographer.
and “Artistic collaborator” of the WDC – World Dance Championships Competition.

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Mariuca Marzà participates in this Dance Competition as Assistant Artist Director

General rules:

- The schedule will be announced by the organizers 7 days before the competition, and displayed backstage.
- If there are dancers that are competing in more than one section and require supplementary time, send a request to the organizers from the contact form
- A choreographer can represent a maximum number of two creations, but with different choreographies.
- During the Festival, the competitors must be present backstage 5 minutes before entering the stage.
- Every person that will have access in the institution must respect competitive discipline rules, have an adequate behavior that will not lead to physical or moral injuries to any competitor within the event.
- Access to the stage and backstage is limited, allowed only for dancers and coordinators (teacher, coach, maximum 2 parents for a group / formation)
- Photographing and filming the dancers during the competition is strictly forbidden. There is a certified company from which photos / videos can be acquired by those interested.






Critics from United Kingdom magazine by David Mead 

This year’s Dance-Forms International Choreographer’s Showcase was at St Stephen’s Church,now owned by Peter Schaufuss, and where he plans to open a full-time ballet school next year. Of the six varied works,two male solos stood out, IF, choreographed by Mariuca Marzà of Ballet Eisenach, is a very personal take on the meaning behind Kipling’s poem. To music by René Aubry, Francesco La Macchia danced effortlessly and with deep emotion . 




Critics from Thüringer Allgemeine magazine by Ursula Mielke


Educating the body corresponds to an authentic expression of our creativity and therefore means increasing the ability to manage the body.

In this methodological perspective, dance can be defined as the art of using and organizing the movement to express,  communicate  and  invent.  

The premiere “Young Choreographers” at the Eisenach Theater gave the audience a wonderful dance of high emotional content. The excellent ensemble emphasized its artistic standards in all eight creations.

Mariuca Marzá “l’essenza del fuoco eterno” with a philosophically motivated light and a flaming creation (choreographic) shows the fears and needs of the human soul, and how the individual is dominated by inner chaos against the counter-current society.

Critics from Thüringer Allgemeine magazine by Michael Helbing



Eight Eisenach dancers show on the stage their own creations: short and larger narratives pieces.What is common to all pieces is the serious and absolute will of wanting to communicate power, strength, elegance and beauty of expression.

In “Adoption” longer piece of the evening 7 scenes and 7 musics, the Italian Mariuca Marzà manages a self reflection: inside a game of mirrors that are showing like a cage, where she and her six orphan dancers are looking for love, home, and belonging. She projects us into a world of mental and physical suffering, and how they eventually can be overcome forcefully, as well as the cage at the end of the choreography.

What is common to all these and other pieces, are the serious and absolute will to communicate power, strength, elegance and beauty of expression. The audience captured by this responded with applause and standing ovation.



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